• Thai Foreign Minister clarifies world doubts at UN human rights meeting
    Foreign Affairs Minister clarifies world doubts at UN human rights meeting BANGKOK, 4 Feb 2015 (NNT) – Deputy PM and Foreign Affairs Minister Supreme Commander General Thanasak Pratimakorn has clarified the world’s doubts about human rights situation in Thailand, during the 2015 session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. During his speech […]
  • Three billion baht sought to ease drought problem
    Three billion baht sought to ease drought problemBANGKOK: -- The Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives is to set aside more than three billion baht fund to help people lead in 3,051 tambons in 58 provinces which have been repeatedly hit by drought. The fund will be used to develop and improve agricultural product in the communities and to hir […]
  • Proposed political ban for the 'five political rivers' strongly opposed
    Proposed political ban for the 'five political rivers' strongly opposedBANGKOK: -- Key members of the National Legislative Assembly and the National Reform Council have voiced their protest against a proposal of a member of the Constitution Drafting Committee that members of the “five political rivers” will be barred from politics for two years aft […]


Jomtien.org – Who are we? What do we do?

Welcome to the newly developed Jomtien.org information portal. Jomtien.org will be a community hub designed to provide relevant information for long term residents and holidaying guests alike. Over time this site will grow to include a community forum for you to address various issues, a classifieds section to sell your goods and news articles. Phase two of Jomtien.org will also see the introductory of directory listings of hotels, restaurants and bars in the area including, hopefully, end-user reviews and critiques.

If you would like to see us cover a specific item or if you have articles you would like to submit to Jomtien.org, please do not hesitate to let us know. You may use the ‘contact us’ tab above to take you to our web-based email form.

So; what is Jomtien?

Jomtien is part of the small coastal town of Pattaya, Chonburi in Thailand. After the boom of Pattaya city as a tourist destination Jomtien grew to cater to a more family orientated visitor. The last twenty years has seen the small shanty town of shacks and beach bars turn into a thriving resort littered with condominiums, restaurants and bars catering to Thais and foreigners alike.

The beaches in Jomtien, protected by the headlands of Royal Cliff and Monkey Island, offer clean and safe water sports. Jomtien has become a very famous destination for jet skiing, para-sailing and various types of diving.

OK; so what is Jomtien.org then?

Jomtien.org is a website that endeavours to offer expatriates living in the Pattaya / Jomtien area, and tourists holidaying here, a central news and information hub. The whole idea behind Jomtien.org is that you can come and read relevant local news, have a chat on our forums, see what restaurants are about, what apartments there are to stay in and what new bars or pubs may be about. We’re also planning on having a general classifieds section for buying and selling your wares.

Great – so where are all these things you just mentioned?

Some of the many things I’ve mentioned can be found in the menus at the top of the page. I’ll be honest, we’re a new site and it takes time to get all this information neatly organised and accessible. We’re working on it right now though and bits n’ pieces will be popping up all the time. In the mean time go over to the ‘articles’ section and have a read.

Remember you can always visit the ‘contact us’ page to drop us an email. If you’d like to see anything in particular on this site then that would be a great place to let us know. Keep coming back to the site while we release everything and make this into Jomtien’s primary source of information and material.


Is 2 mtrs below water the new ‘safe’…?

I’d hate to be the kind of blogger who gets a name for only posting dramatic, pessimistic crap on their website. Unfortunately, there’s not really anyway I’m able to put a positive twist on anything new.

This morning’s newest predictions and analysis from FROC starts by declaring that we may be over the worst of it and that it looks like Bangkok may not be as poorly hit as originally thought. This should be a re-assuring point and, I must admit, when I first saw the headline I thought we might be OK. That was, of course, until I actually started to read the article and go over the provided map.

It would appear that, according to this map, the “Bangkok is safe” claim is only relevant to the greater Bangkok. Unless having your house surrounded by up to 2 mtrs of water is the new ‘safe’.

Our place is in Eastern Bangkok. We live in Minburi. If we read over the three scenarios listed above then the best I can expect is 1-1.5 mtrs for the next 30 days…! That doesn’t sound right; the prime minister just told me that we are ‘nearly through it‘. Thirty to forty five days of 1mtr – 2.5mtr waters surely can’t be ‘nearly through it’. Can it?

Sorry to have to resort to using an old colloquialism but that list of scenarios is about as useless as tits on a bull. ‘Could be’, ‘might be’, ‘maybe’ are not the words I want to hear at the moment. The soothing words of advice I want are something more like “after a lengthy session of debate and data analysis by the world’s leading scientists we have discovered waters will indeed rise to 76cms for the duration of 24 days and 13 hours”. If they really wanted to make my day then I guess it could go something like “it has been decided by the world’s leading scientists that increasing the height of the King & Chao Phraya dykes by 64 cms will stop additional advances and allow the water to drain off through the existing network of canals and pipe systems over the course of the next 13 days.”

Until someone is able to give me that level of helpful information, I’m just going to keep looking out my window…  That being said; if any of you guys know more than I do, please tell me. :-)